Ghost - Silkroad Online
Every Friday at 9PM
Ghost Server: Online
Players: 308 / 1500


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15/12/2021 GhostSro Online. (Rules!!!!) by GhostSro Team


1) We have all rights to ban you if you break rules whatever you are !

2) Spamming and insult others not allowed ((( OR BAN )))

3) Selling items or gold in server for real money not allowed

4) Show respect for Game team , Your behavior reflects what you are !

5) Report for any scammers and they will take a permanent BAN (with only ScreenShots of chat)

6) For any suggestion for enhancement in game DM us on Facebook Account or Discord Channel
15/12/2021 GhostSro Online. Enjoy Playing in Our Servers by GhostSro Team
We didnt ask Any one For donate !

Old School game with some enhancements .. For Any Guide Read GuideLines below

Questions Pm Us On
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15/12/2021 Guide by GhostSro Team


1) Any mob drop 1 arena coin but you have to be near to it's level (Game Depends on coins) So use them well

2) Uniques Drop Scrolls Give you arena,copper,gold,silver coins and there is 4 unique zones

3) Fortress WAR Every Friday at 9PM (Rewards 50T For Guild) (Guild Limit: 25) EveryOne 2T Guild Master take + 5T on 2T

4) There Is NPC for EGY A and EGY B set , NPC EGY B Weapons , EGY A From Forgetten World , NPC Stones , NPC Elixirs , NPC Avatars and the big surprise there is 60% and 80% scroll for Weapons and Shield

5) Scrolls 60% And 80% use it when you equip your Weapon or Shield Don't but the item in inventory then use scroll it will not work

6) There is alot of things Join us and have fun

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